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    6/5/2020 AAHAM Government Relations Update: 

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    The Government Relations Committee in partnership with Miller Wenhold is currently working on the issues listed below.  We feel these are extremely important topics for our membership.  If you have any feedback on these topics or have other topics that you feel should be focused on, please reach out to AAHAM 2nd Vice President Kenny Koerner, CRCE at [email protected]  Please know we are actively fighting for our AAHAM membership and will continue to do so.

    1.  Pricing Transparency

    With the regulation requirement to post all charges and negotiated rates effective 1/1/2021 still in effect, we have sent the attached letters to House and Senate leadership, HHS and CMS asking for a postponement of the pricing transparency regulation.  We are asking for a 24 month postponement of this requirement.  Hospitals are dealing with the pandemic and are making difficult decisions on staffing, finances and how to continue to care for their communities.  This regulatory requirement will force hospitals to expend large amounts of time and resources on this that should be devoted to patient care.  We have already receive a response from the Senate Commerce Committee regarding our letter.  

    2. Collection Agency proposed bills

    There has been a lot of activity at the local and national level related to prohibiting the collection of healthcare bills during the pandemic. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) recently proposed a bill that calls for a moratorium on medical debt collection until COVID-19 vaccine is widely available.  These proposed regulations would be detrimental and perhaps crippling for collection agencies.  We plan on hosting a series of phone calls with AAHAM member collection agencies about what they are hearing at the state and national level that we can assist them in combating.  We see these as short, 30 minute calls on a weekly, bi-weekly and/or monthly basis that will allow us to stay in touch and educate our member collection agencies, so they know that AAHAM supports them and so we can be nimble in helping them battle any regulation that would be detrimental.  Our first call is set for June 16th

    3.  TCPA

    Attached is the letter we sent to congressional leadership to ask for our petition to be acted on within Phase 5 of the stimulus funding package.  This is an issue that AAHAM has been advocating on for many years. 

    I am confident we will need to be flexible as a committee as this year continues.  There will be other issues that arise that we will need to assist our membership with, so please reach out to me if there are items you would like us to consider.  We began the year thinking Surprise Billing and 240B would be our topics conversations, and then COVID-19 hit and we decided to pivot to the topics mentioned above.  

    We hope you all are doing well during these crazy times. 

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