Presidents Message

    WI AAHAM Chapter President


    Marcy Marquis, CRCP-P, PCS

    Client Service Manager at maxRTE

    I am thrilled to be the 2017 WI AAHAM Chapter President.  I served as the Business Associate Board Member from 2013 - 2014.  I was the 2nd VP in 2015 and 1st VP in 2016. Prior to AAHAM, I severed on the Board ( a variety of positions) for WI Clinic Credit Managers Association (WCCMA) from 1994 - 2008 and the Co-Chair for The Mega Conference in 2010 and 2012.    

    AAHAM is your organization!  The members and corporate sponsors organization.  I am simply here to guide, motivate and listen. However, I am very goal orientated and driven.  

    Goal #1:  GROWTH

    Growth doesn’t have to be a hospital facility or provider based.  We can grow our membership with behavioral health, pain management, oral surgeons, chiropractic and other entities that deal with patients and AR.  The language or coding maybe a little different but at the end of the day we are all about improving the patient experience, reducing denials, improving AR and managing staff.  Growth is important so we can provide excellent speakers and education sessions for everyone.  Education sessions from point of service collections, reducing denials, improving AR and everything in between. You never want to stop learning. Start learning in area’s that are not your wheelhouse. You will be a stronger employee. AAHAM is the perfect place to learn and grow. 

    Growth #2 CERTIFICATION 

    Increase the number of certifications in our Chapter. Certification’s range from CRCS to CRCE.  Something for everyone.  I took the CRCP - P exam 2 years ago.  I took it for validation as role as a AR / Denial Management Healthcare Consultant.  But, I also thought it was important to practice what I preach.  If I am going to encourage certification…...I better be certified.  It was a great refresher on some topics and learned several things along the way.  Now, what exam should I take next. I challenge everyone to set a goal to become certified in the next year.  

    Growth #3 NETWORKING

    ​Networking is the best way to meet people in the same industry and see how they handle specific situations.  It’s great to meet someone new and build a friendship.   A friend you can call or email to see if they are having the same issue(s) as you and how are they handling it.  You can also contact them for a reference regarding software, revenue cycle management company or third party collections.  Our corporate sponsors attend and support our chapter financially.  This is the perfect setting to meet and talk with them and not feel like you are talking to a car salesman.  I can honestly say the corporate sponsors want to get to know you and build a rapport with you.  So, when the times comes you know who to reach out to.   I have meet and made so many new friends with WI AAHAM Chapter and on a national level. 

    Please talk to me; send me an email about what you would like to to see from our WI AAHAM Chapter.  What are your goals? I would love to hear from you.

    Let’s work together on these goals.  I look forward to a great year and hearing from you.  ​


    Marcy Marquis